At Alzheimer’s Research Australia, a passionate and dedicated team is working tirelessly to make a profound impact in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

As we invite you to meet our team, we also encourage you to be a part of our journey to make a positive impact on the lives affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s Research Australia partners with researchers from: Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, The University of Western Australia and Macquarie University. Together, with our national and international collaborators we are advancing towards a world where Alzheimer’s is detected early, prevented effectively, and treated successfully.

Our Executive Team
Our executive team, led by CEO Professor Vicky Vass and Director of Research Professor Ralph Martins, AO is the driving force behind our research efforts. Their vision and leadership guide our organisation, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of Alzheimer’s research.

Our Research Team
Our esteemed research team is dedicated to pioneering new scientific research including early-stage dementia detection, and preventive strategies against the decline of memory and thinking. Our researchers actively engage in national and international initiatives, boasting substantial portfolios of peer-reviewed publications, resulting in high quality outcomes that secures results for the community.

Our Clinical Trials Team
Our clinical trials team is focused on conducting trials for new pharmaceutical treatments being developed to treat Alzheimer’s disease. This provides the opportunity for people at risk of Alzheimer’s, or with an early diagnosis, to trial new potential treatments which may assist in slowing or halting disease progression. The team is led by a very experienced manager, Paula Mather, together with geriatrician Dr Roger Clarnette.

Our Board
Our distinguished Board members provide strategic guidance and leadership, shaping the future of Alzheimer’s Research Australia. Their commitment to our mission is invaluable in guiding our organisation towards a world without Alzheimer’s.

Our Research Support Team
Our Research Support team comprises a cohesive and dedicated group with diverse skills that support our mission. They are responsible for fundraising, facilities management, public education events, and communication. This team’s commitment and expertise fosters an environment that enables researchers to concentrate on their research and its impact.

Chief Executive Officer

Professor Vicky Vass BA (Hons), PhD

Professor Vass is an experienced CEO and academic. She exemplifies a tri-sectoral leader, having skilfully navigated the complexities of Not-For-Profit, tertiary education, and private industry. Her extensive experience and exceptional leadership transcend these sectors, leaving a lasting mark on the global landscape of education, research, and governance. Renowned for her ability to forge meaningful collaborations, she has played a pivotal role in health and medical communities in both the UK and Australia, fostering ties with government entities to drive comprehensive initiatives. Vicky adeptly weaves her multifaceted leadership approach into providing a comprehensive perspective that emphasises her steadfast dedication to advancing research, cultivating partnerships, and enhancing effective governance in alignment with the mission of Alzheimer’s Research Australia.

Alzheimer’s Research Australia Board of Directors

Chair – Graeme Prior

Chief Executive Officer – Hall & Prior Aged Care Group

Deputy Chair – Dr Terry Bayliss

Coordinator Development, Projects & Research – Ramsay Health Care

Treasurer – Rod O’Dea 

Chief Executive Officer – Ellann Finance

Director of Research – Professor Ralph Martins, AO 

Professor of Neurobiology – Macquarie University

Foundation Chair of Ageing and Alzheimer’s disease – Edith Cowan University

Tim Andrew

Head of Office UBS Perth

Dr Pamela Cresswell

Adjunct Professor in Nursing – Curtin University

Rob Davies

Accountant – Mine Site Construction Services

Rebecca Hanrahan

Special Counsel – Clayton Utz

Professor Colin Masters, AO

Laureate Professor of Dementia Research – The Florey Institute and the University of Melbourne

Yvonne Parnell

Co-Director – Aqumen

Enzo Sirna, AM

Deputy Chief Executive Officer – National Trust of Western Australia

About us

Meet the Research Leadership Team

There are currently around 90 people who work regularly in our state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to Alzheimer’s research. These include researchers, students and research interns from many collaborating universities, as well as international students.

The research team is involved in both clinical and laboratory-based research projects. This includes everything from interviewing study participants and collection of blood samples, to conducting laboratory work and ensuring the safe long-term storage of vital data and samples.

The Research Leadership Team covers a broad range of projects to better understand Alzheimer’s disease, and develop preventative strategies and innovative ways to diagnose the disease so treatments can be implemented as early as possible.