Dr Prashant Bharadwaj

Dr Prashant Bharadwaj

Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Neuroscience within the School of Medical and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University; Adjunct Research Fellow, School of Biomedical Sciences, CHIRI Biosciences Research Precinct, Curtin University

Since receiving his PhD from Edith Cowan University in 2011, Dr Prashant Bharadwaj has focused on several important areas of study and has been awarded several grants from prestigious organisations such as the National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation (NFMRI).

Dr Bharadwaj’s areas of interest include the diagnosis of childhood dementia, where he is involved with laboratory-based studies and works in collaboration with clinicians. He is also a vital part of the team that is focussing on developing a new blood test to diagnose and monitor dementia, with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease.


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