We are undertaking and supporting pioneering research that plays a vital role in medical improvements and breakthroughs.

Medical research is critical in the journey towards a future without Alzheimer’s for the benefit of all.

Our research helps unravel the complex interplay of factors contributing to the disease, covering observational, preventative and treatment perspectives.

We foster a culture of collaboration nationally and internationally, ensuring the next generation of research leaders is supported and empowered. By creating a sustainable legacy of innovative research and education, we can change the future.


How is research funded?

Research into Alzheimer’s disease receives funding from various sources, including individual and community donations from generous individuals, government grants, private foundations, and non-profit organisations. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies, philanthropic foundations, and advocacy groups offer grants to support studies on the disease. These diverse funding streams enable researchers to explore potential treatments, understand the underlying mechanisms, and advance our knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease.  Together, we contribute to the global effort to combat this disease.

Alzheimer’s Research Australia is a significant funder of Alzheimer’s disease research, funding Alzheimer’s researchers, PhD scholarships, and providing world-class research facilities and services.

In-depth knowledge

Research Themes

Understanding Alzheimer’s
Our research helps to unravel the complex interplay of factors contributing to how and why the disease develops.

A focus on prevention offers hope for future generations.

Simple and accurate diagnostic tools will improve outcomes and transform the field of research and treatment.

Effective treatments have the potential to halt or delay a decline in memory and thinking.

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