Testosterone Study

Who can be involved:

NSW & WA only

  • Males aged between 60 to 80 years
  • Does not have a current medical or neurological condition
  • Not currently taking testosterone or diagnosed with hypogonadism
  • Western Australia and New South Wales residents

This study aims to evaluate the impact of testosterone alone or in combination with fish oil on amyloid load in the brain, as well as whether it affects performance on tests of memory, cognition and function.

What is involved:

  • 18-month duration
  • Most visits 8 weeks apart
  • Testosterone/placebo will be administered intramuscularly every 8 weeks
  • Medical examinations, memory tests and brain scans
  • For further information please contact

Additional info:

WA Contact: Anne McKinney, Study Coordinator on Ph: (08) 6304 3966 or Email: trial@alzheimersresearch.org.au

NSW Contact: Anna Johnson, Clinical Trial Coordinator on Ph: (02) 9850 5713 or Email: trial@alzheimersresearch.org.au

* Please note that participants in this study may have a chance of being placed on placebo medication.