“We were so good together”

Alice Gerrans’ love for her late husband Ross shines as strong as ever.

“We were so good together. He made me laugh so much,” said Alice.

Alice knows firsthand the devastating impact of Alzheimer’s disease, having lost Ross to the disease in October 2021, just after his 81st birthday.

“He was incredible. He taught me to enjoy life,” she said.

Alice is one of many people who plan to include a gift in their Will to Alzheimer’s Research. Every bequest goes towards reducing the impact of this disease on people all around the world.



Her passion for finding a cure and helping others affected by Alzheimer’s has inspired her to leave a bequest to ARA formally known as the Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation in her Will.

“I believe strongly that one day there will be a cure. Look how far we have come with other diseases.”

Alice met Prof Ralph Martins in 2015 and Ross joined one of Alzheimer’s Research Australia’s trials until his disease progressed too far.

“It’s the research we need. We need a cure,” she said.


Together till the end

When they met more than 20 years ago, Ross was an enthusiastic sportsman and tennis coach who ran the Pro Tennis Coaching School in Perth. Alice would help by taking kindergarten classes, fixing tennis nets and restringing racquets.

“I still can’t play tennis though,” she laughs.

When they moved to their Jolimont retirement village, Ross started a bowls group and encouraged people to join and have fun, even if they had no bowls experience.

“He was the kind of man who wanted people to be part of everything.”
Later, when he was affected by Alzheimer’s disease but was still a good bowler, his friends would help him by reminding him which end they were playing and which bowls were his.

“He had his friends around him till the end,” said Alice.


Every little bit helps

Over the years, Alice has raised over $5000 for Alzheimer’s Research Australia by doing sewing jobs for her fellow residents in her retirement village.

“A lot of little jobs add up to a lot,” said Alice.

She has a dedicated room for her alteration business where she fixes hems, replaces buttons, and puts in shoulder pads. Alice is also an excellent knitter and has presented Prof Martins with a pair of knitted socks.

Alice’s ongoing hard work and dedication to Alzheimer’s research is leaving a lasting legacy of love and hope for future generations.


Thank you, Alice, for all you have done for Alzheimer’s’ Research Australia!