Who can be involved:

WA only

  • 60-79 years of age
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Average diet
  • Normal memory & thinking abilities
  • Live within 15 km of one of our gym locations (Carine, Nedlands, South Perth, Willagee & Canning Vale)

Research has shown that lifestyle modifications that include adopting a healthy diet, carrying out regular aerobic and resistance physical exercise, staying socially active, and undergoing brain training exercises can improve brain function and reduce the risk of dementia.

What is involved:

  • 2 years trial duration
  • Information sessions
  • Must be willing to undergo blood tests
  • Must be willing to undergo memory assessments
  • Must be willing to wear a free Fitbit tracker

Additional info:

If you are interested in FREE detailed health assessments and preventing cognitive decline through lifestyle please contact the AU-ARROW team at (08) 6304 3966.

* Please note that participants in this study may have a chance of being placed in either a multidomain intervention group or an education group.